An iPhone with a bigger screen should be easy.

If you’ve been on the internet any time within the last few months, you’ve heard that there’s a new iPhone coming. Well at least, we think there’s a new iPhone coming. As always, people have been talking about a new form factor for this new device, especially since people got the same form with the […]

Cross computer syncing for CS Students

In the world of file syncing and storage, we have a few options. You can take your files and put them on a flash drive and carry them wherever you go. You could upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive or whatever your cloud storage provider of choice is and then download them where you […]

First Project: Curricula

Well I said that this blog was going to be partially about my adventures as a software developer so here it goes. This is my first real project. Thus far my development background has been projects for my classes, and the were pretty small. Now I’m going to try to make the leap to a […]